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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can we balance our meeting needs

As Mountain Destinations and A Meeting by Design have worked on integration of the latest web 2.0 technologies we've been asked the question by our clients, comrades and fellow business owners "so is it working"? Like many others I find myself as mystified by the question as I am unsure of the answer.
I have decided to reach out to our friends and followers to ask what value you see in your own and is there something particular in our messaging you'd like to hear about?

One item we'd love you to hear about is the new National Park to Park tours we've just introduced with our partner transportation company. Stragely enough Montana and Wyoming are known for three of  the most incredible parks in North America, Yellowstone, Teton and Glacier Parks, but the states have never offered packaged tours for fly or drive in- check out the beginning of the project as we are building the first tours at

We'd love to hear from you on areas of interest or articles you'd like to see!

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